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diy buttons

These DIY buttons would be a perfect party favor, especially if you dropped them into these cute little boxes. You know me, I love anything I can do myself! Both available thru Cox and Cox.


toni on 10:31 PM

I'm thinking about doing DIY buttons for the bridal party. It will be a way to make the rehearsal a bit fun and make introductions easy :-D

Nice button maker, by the way! I could not find one near me, so I had to settle for reusable ones:

i do monograms on 6:56 PM

ooohh.. so cute!

katealtmix on 9:10 PM

ooo, so many options! those buttons would be perfect so many different ways. to find a button maker!

jeri on 9:16 AM

Those are so unique and fun! Great project for a shower.

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