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my eye on eyelet

Eyelet. It's not for every wedding, but if you've got that casual hippy-chic style going on, it's the perfect choice. I love the simple, elegant version of it in this J. Crew gown. I can't help but wonder if this dress wouldn't be better on someone with a little more curve on top? I think the neck line could really show off some nice cleav. Anyone try this one on?



Mary on 10:58 PM

I tried it but it wasn't really cleavage friendly... I felt a little too red-light and not bridal enough, haha.

Hillary on 9:44 AM

i love this dress but im not crazy about the bottom of it, i wish it was just a straight cut.

Cyndi on 11:04 AM

I love, love, love, love this dress!!! Oh how I wished I could own it NOW!!!

Hollie on 12:27 PM

Its kinda nice to see a dress made for a girl with 'A' boobs. Theres nothing like trying one on and seeing a huge gap between your chest and the free-standing dress chest
Not for everyone, but there are so many body types out there

Carol on 2:05 PM

It's really stunning on the top section and yes I also think a straight edged bottom would look better

laura on 2:46 PM

I love this dress, but not the price :(

Kim on 3:41 PM

This dress would be so beautiful for a beach wedding!


Anonymous on 8:10 PM

See I think the opposite- I think it would look way worse on a busty bride. There are some things that "normal" bodied people just can't pull off and I feel like this might be one of them... sadly...

Laura @ the shorehouse. on 12:05 AM

I agree with Mary. I'm sporting some cleave, and the cut made me look 8 months prego. Not the look I was going for, exactly. ;-) I think you need to be long and lean to pull this off. (Love your blog, by the way!)

Holly Havenhill on 8:56 AM

I agree that the straight cut at the bottom would make it look better!

angie+matt on 1:11 AM

that dress is ADORABLE!!!

Shea Nichole on 7:09 AM

i love the concept of this dress and like most others i do prefer a straight hem...

the only thing i am not so fond of is the bust cup allowance....this is truly for an A cup or smaller (which is perfect for me since i am as flat in the front and i am in the back) but obviously this gown was not designed considering the average female shape and size....

anyone who has a heavier bust line would look like they are falling out...and if there was a way to keep it respectable at the neckline, you would run into issues at the empire seam (it would cut the bust line in half and totally ruin the effect)...i think this one is for those of us who don't have too much up top

but all in all...i still love the dress and if "you" feel fabulous in it....that is all that matters!!!


future Mrs. Jones on 6:02 PM

I think the dress is super cute, love the hemline--in a word: adorable. I am not sure that I'd wear it for my wedding...maybe for one of the events leading up to it--bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner.

the b-line on 5:24 PM

Wow! This is beautiful!

Anonymous on 7:10 PM

It's a nice dress, but not worth $2200.