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my kind of dress

I love this dress from Nicole Miller. I think it's the blending of the South Asian vibe with the "Dress of the Future" vibe. Altogether, it's something I can really get on board with.
I'm back from my guest blog over at Design Sponge, and posting should be much more regular this week. I had a great time! Thanks to everyone who visited and left such nice comments!


Piper Jacquelyn on 11:14 PM

Oh my, this is gorgeous. It reminds me of Marchesa!

Blablover5 on 9:21 AM

I am really loving that deep blue color.

The Single Cook on 1:56 PM

This is so gorgeous. I just need a place to where it!

Dynamite Weddings on 3:11 PM

That deep blue is mesmerizing! The gold tones could play nicely into a contemporary wedding with some sharp gold accents. Loving it! I want to get it to wear to a party!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 5:44 PM

INCREDIBLE! The particular hue of blue with just a slight metallic gold is an excellent color combination! Wonderful Find!