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heavy and not-so-heavy metals

If you were looking for something extra special to give as a gift or if you wanted a "little" something for yourself, either of these beautiful bracelets would be perfect (not to mention timeless). I cannot for the life of me decide which of these I like better... silver? gold? Don't know. Both available thru Vivre.



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Eliz on 1:02 PM

I love these bold cuffs. The gold top one is adorable. I'd totally pair this statement piece with simple pearl stud posts, my favorite from Premium Pearl.

Somya on 4:58 PM

Now even though I'm a soft rock buff, this one genre of heavy metal that I dont find so jarring. These are loud and attention seeking but also kind of sophisticated and can make one look very updated if paired with an otherwise understated look.

Alli Coate on 2:49 AM

I adore that top one! It's like wearing a flourish of calligraphy on your wrist.