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a new eternity band

I love these simple, yet elegant little rings. The sillouette is so delicate, and the shape is so timeless. I think something like this would be great as an alternative to a traditional wedding band. Available in gold or silver by Adina, from Pink Mascara.


*Michelle on 9:13 AM

Those could be very interesting placed with a round solitaire engagement ring. A little classic simplicity, mixed with a little modern artistry.

Lyndsy on 2:14 PM

I have always adored Adina's jewelry and these rings are just too perfect!

Leanbean on 9:01 AM

I have the Adina ring and get compliments on it all the time. I love her jewelry. Glad to see someone else does too!

Laura E @ Southern Wedding on 10:15 PM

These rings are so perfect! Beautiful and modern!

Blanche on 12:37 PM

Good post.