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flat out pretty

I am not tall. If I were, I would forsake my heels for the comfort of attractive flats like these. Alas, I am not tall. I shall look on with envy.


taylorthegirl on 12:30 AM

These are perfect!! The far left is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!

karla nicole on 7:10 AM

i'm short and i'm still going to wear these!

Chic and Charming on 7:30 AM

I love the J-crew flats, I've been obsessed ever since they came out in the catalog.

lbg on 9:54 AM

I'm short, but so is he. =) Already bought the ones on the left, and they're beautiful! One bit of warning to anyone considering them, though: I can imagine that the spot between your toes where the metal meets the leather can get uncomfortable when worn for too long...

Jade on 1:33 PM
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Jade on 1:34 PM

I was just drooling over these. Love love love the one on the right.

New York City Wedding Photographer on 5:40 PM

If you have nice em off! These seem like a great item for destination and outdoor weddings. I am so happy that designers are begging to embrace a wide range of styles for brides and groom!

Parris Whittingham
New York City Wedding Photography

jill on 10:12 PM

i'm tall! they're mine!

willikat on 4:16 PM

i already bought the ones on the far left for my beach wedding. i wanted the middle sandals, but they had too chunky a heel for sand. love the gladiator-style ones too. j crew gets everything right.