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even the price is nice

Love the leafy details, the empire waistline and the beautiful floaty-ness. Love all those things, yet my favorite part of this gown is the price. Check Neiman's for the deets.


Anonymous on 9:28 PM

SO CHEAP AND SO BEAUTIFUL. How is this possible?

Deirdre Gill on 8:47 AM

I like it!

Anonymous on 10:53 PM

Can you please tell me where to find this dress! I love it, please help. Here's where you can e-mail the response


Mackenzie on 11:09 PM

You can find the dress here:

Sold out at Neiman's, but Nordstrom's has it!

Van Woods on 6:32 AM

Wow! It's very Nice looking...
Beautiful Strapless Gown, Really I like it...