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johanna johnson

Altogether glamorous and ethereal, the dresses from Johanna Johnson are right up my alley. Having never stumbled across her creations before, I was thrilled to discover her Hollywood-esque gowns yesterday via my friend Deirdre, who recently got engaged (!) and is on the hunt for the perfect dress. I think she's on the right track!


Polka Dot Bride on 11:03 PM

Go the Australians!

Love Johanna Johnson!

roopa on 9:20 AM

I don't know how you do it - everything you post is AWESOME.

sarah on 9:27 AM

Yes, Johanna Johnson is amazing... Ms Polka I hear you... there is some great Aussie talent out there! :)

mo on 4:03 PM

Wow! love the dress and ...YEAH!!
Congratulations to DD and Jason!

jaime on 11:28 PM

ohh i am in love!
can you get it here in the us?!!

Lindsey on 1:09 AM

Checked out the website and love so many of the dresses!

Could you recommend any designers with similar aesthetics whose works are available in the US?

New York Wedding Photographer on 11:34 AM

What an amazing dress. I love the design. Wish the photo was a bit less blurry :)

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