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darling vintage toppers

Megan, a regular reader, wrote me an email this morning sharing the source for her spectacularly quirky cake topper. I love that they include bits of antique paper and passementerie, along with pieces of sheet music and feathery doves. A refreshing take on the cake, if you ask me. It's nice to see something new! Visit Ashley Carter Bridal & Wedding Follies for more stunning pieces to choose from.


Kathryn on 11:02 PM

What a fabulous cake topper - so unique and lovely!

thoughtfulday on 7:06 AM

love the cake topper, i myself am absolutely obsessed with these little objects!

Olivier Lalin on 2:31 PM

THis is beautiful, guess this piece is one unique, I ll check her site right away thanks

Andrew on 9:04 AM

So cute birds..., thanks!

d-made on 5:42 PM

I have this topper/box and will be selling mine after my 7/27/08 wedding. It is so beautiful, I love all the little details.

fingerprint jewellery on 12:34 AM

perfect gift for my new partner.