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it's all in the details

I love the rope-y details on these dresses from J Crew, they have a formal yet nautical feel without being overly themey. They also come in loads of pretty colors. Bridesmaids? I say one in each color!


Yara on 11:40 PM

Have you also noticed this beautiful flower girl dress?

Love the colors!

perfect bound on 8:04 AM

Loving the rasta look! So comfy and perfect when paired with an ocean breeze.

Anna on 9:15 AM

J.Crew just keeps getting better and better! I love this dress in the gray mist color. And did you see the Martine clutch that shows up on the same page? Brilliant!

Alex on 11:53 AM

I have to say... I LOVE the idea of a group of bridesmaids wearing different colors. Maybe only a small group, but nonetheless... neat!

Anonymous on 12:00 PM

love it, love it, love it!

Lyndsy on 12:51 PM

Love the dresses! I adore the yellow, but the grey/silver is gorgeous as well! Great find! on 8:42 AM

love these dresses, especially the yellow - very bright.