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They may not be white, but they ARE gorgeous designer gowns at great prices. I would be excited to wear either down the aisle, or anywhere else for that matter. The one shouldered one is from Notte by Marchesa (again!), and the silver stunner is Badgley Mischka. Both around $1000.


Pencils on 9:38 AM

I LOVE the Badgley Mischka gown. Would even look good on a pudgy pregnant woman...except they don't make it larger than a 12. (Not that I need an evening gown anyway!) I think it would make a lovely, sophisticated wedding gown for an evening wedding. Particularly for a more mature bride or a second wedding. And it would flatter anyone.

Mrs. Designher on 12:55 PM

They are both beautiful, but I adore the Badgeley Mischka gown and agree with the above comment about it being able to flatter anyone.

I could see a beautiful brooch on the band too. BEAUTIFUL :)

New York City Wedding Photographer on 5:43 PM

These dresses are so simple yet the design is stylish and chic. Nothing worse than an overdress bride sweating all day!

Parris Whittingham
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