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worst scrabble letters ever

You'll have to excuse me for my lack of wedding insight right now. With all the new designs scheduled to hit the website on Monday, things are a little scattered over here. To relax a little, my dear good buddy and neighbor Dierdre and I decided to play a friendly round of Scrabble. I do believe I got the worst letters anyone could ever get, EVER. You see that grin on her face? That's her "I'm going to beat you so easily" face. Granted, the only reason she was so confident is because I said "my letters are such crap, I have to take a picture". Which sort of blew my cover.


Carolyn on 1:12 PM

Yeah...that's a tough one. Not sure what the official Scrabble dictionary would recommend with those letters...

MCRBride on 5:01 PM

I think you got all the E's left in the bag.

carey on 11:02 AM

oh man, bad letters aside, cookies and scrabble sounds like a fantastic time.

auntiemichal on 2:56 PM

AE is a word that you might be able to play in parallel with something on the board (though it does look like you're early in the game). Perhaps the best would be to exchange tiles and skip your turn. I envy your cookies!

mo on 9:05 PM

Good luck with the new invitation designs. This must be something like waiting to deliver your baby! The invites are all beautiful. I'm sure they will be very popular and bring you great success (unlike your scrabble letters).

Peter on 5:28 PM

I got tired of trays like that so I changed the game to eliminate most of the suffering.

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