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bride's head revisited

Bride's Head Revisited. Get it? What an adorable name for a bridal milliner. I get it even though I've never read the book... or seen the movie. Is it a book or a movie or both? Or a mini series? Was it sort of like The Thornbirds? Because I didn't see/read that either. Anyway, even though I didn't previously participate in any media by the same name, I still enjoy their veils... especially the french ones.


Alex Richards on 10:33 PM

I like the veil in the middle. i was thinking of doing something like that for my wedding this June... Hmmm. Where is this cleverly dubbed place?
(or for that matter, a good one in NYC?)

e on 8:46 PM

that's my veil!

Moni on 12:53 PM

love these blushers, and the name.
You really ought to read Brideshead - its a classic book (set in England during WWI if I remember) .. there has also been at least one or two movie adaptations (thought of a rather dry sort). Its a fascinating book