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there is a time and a place...

to point a laser at your face.
Patience. You must have patience. I realize that you are looking at this highly uninteresting image and thinking about clicking back to where you came from.
But wait!
There's this common fear among all brides that when the big day comes, she'll have a mammoth zit somewhere conspicuous. I know about this fear, because I had it. Everyone has it. You're afraid that two days before the big day, you'll get a big zit on your chin. Everyone knows that the big ones don't heal in two days. Fortunately, makeup covers a lot, but if there was some way we could heal it faster...
NOW we come to my point. Your patience has been rewarded. The point is that I've discovered this little laser gizmo that heals blemishes very quickly. I'm not kidding. I have one. It really does speed up the process quite a bit. The basic gist is that you point it at your blemish, and the laser stimulates cell grown to help the "problem" heal faster. It also helps with redness and small scars. The only catch is, you have to have some time to use it (about a half hour every evening before you turn in). I like to use it while I'm watching TV, and that works out well for me. I also found that since I've been using it, I've gotten less breakouts in general.
The best price I've found is here. They also sell them here.
I realize that everyone has little tricks that work for them. What are your beauty secrets?


Michelle on 11:45 AM

My BEST beauty secret is Evian Brumisateur--Evian water in a mist atomizer. Water is moisture that your skin drinks up. I shpritz several times a day at the office; the miniatures fit into a quart-size bag for air travel, and I look younger (than 33) and feel absolutely refreshed! I rarely go anywhere without it. Great during summer to cool down and during winter to hydrate.