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busy, busy, busy

Today was such an insanely busy day. I felt like I haven't sat at my desk in years. I was eventually able to answer all the emails, return all the phone calls, eat all the cupcakes. All in a hard day's work. In case you didn't catch that, I made cupcakes this weekend for a New Year's Eve party. They were Grapefruit Pomegranate flavored, and they were super. Hands down, the best cake batter I've ever tasted. Next time, I'm not baking it. I'm putting it in parfait glasses with whip cream and serving it straight up.
I've also been playing with the new digital camera. (Who, from here on out will be affectionately referred to as HAL 9000 because it is sooooo smart that it rotates the images so they are all right-side up, no matter how you're holding the camera. whoa.)
That was all a very long way around to tell you that even in my extreme busyness, I was able to eat cupcakes, play with presents, and shop on Amazon, where
I came across a few new books that I thought were fun. The first is coming out TODAY, hot off the presses, and has some beautiful photography. The second, I actually found on Just My Cup of Tea, and looks to be perfect for the list-a-holics amung us. Plus, I love the cover.