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they're ready! finally.

new KenzieKate 3
The Aspen and The Seville

new KenzieKate 2
The Charlotte and The Aberdeen

new KenzieKate 1
The Cozumel and The Havana

After months of work, the new invites are finally ready for the world! I'm so proud of them, but a little nervous for them too. I think this must be a mild form of what parents feel when they send their kids off to the first day of school.
A big thanks to everyone for so enthusiastically helping me name them...
"Aspen" was the overwhelming choice for the first invite. Mary helped me name the Seville and the Cozumel. The Aberdeen I came up with all by myself, and the Charlotte I named with help from Heather. Last but not least, Mari (with an i) came up with Havana for the last one, which is perfect!
It made me so happy that you all helped name them, it was a great confidence boost to know that they were already eagerly anticipated.
If you want to get a closer look at any of them, you can go to the KenzieKate catalog page, or click directly to them here:


Deirdre on 9:51 AM

I would give you my first born for the chance to have these invitations. Really.

carey on 8:49 AM

Congratulations!! they look beau-ti-ful. fantastic work. i love how clean your designs are, but still feminine.

Katie on 1:28 PM

Wow, I love these! I may be contacting you soon. ;)

joy on 7:16 PM

congrats! they look AMAZING!

Sharp Lily on 11:40 AM

They are just so lovely. Congratulations!!

Marked Event on 4:14 PM

What a great addition to your already lovely collection. Nice job!