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sam and dave: the registry II

Good Monday everyone! I was just starting to feel the winter doldrums set in last night when I looked outside and saw an inch of snow on the city streets. Normally, here in New York, that doesn't happen until late March when we're all hoping for spring and prematurely wearing pastels. So, we count our blessings where we can get them.
On that note, I'm going to pass you over to Sam for her usual Monday morning update.

First of all, thank you so much S.O.S.N. readers! Your advice about registering has been so useful. We registered at Bloomingdale's and we may do one other place like Amazon or maybe even Anthropologie? The Bloomingdale's experience was like a movie scene. Dave and I got to the registry office not knowing what to expect and got our very own registry agent. A dapper older man with a whole spiel began explaining all the policies and procedures with such aplomb. Other couples buzzed around the office with their clipboards and paperwork. We were given a scanner and proceeded to walk around clicking over item barcodes. I think this was Dave’s favorite part being the technologically inclined fellow that he is. Though a close rival would be the help-yourself espresso machine in the registry office. So just imagine your fiancĂ© all hopped up on espresso with a scanner gun in hand. If I did not stop him we would have 10 cutlery sets and 5 mug trees. Anyway, I was less than thrilled with bedding and towels, they were all very drab and plain. I was thrilled about the stainless steel flatware and the dishes and frames. Kate Spade’s collections have the perfect combination of clean/modern with colorful/funky. I am a huge fan of her stuff. We registered for Gwinnett Lane dishes and also these lovely frames. We also scanned some great Emil Henry cookware. I guess registering is not so bad after all, especially on espresso!


Thryn on 1:23 AM

I don't know if they will fit your style, but we registered all of our sheets and towels at because all of their products are natural, organic, recycled, and/or fair trade, and I really love some of their bedding designs. If you're into really bright colors, they may not be for you, because they use low-impact eco-friendly dyes, so the colors are generally more subtle (though they do have some rich hues). I love some of their household, bedroom, and bathroom products.

(Also, I realized this may not be for everyone, but we created our registries through the I Do Foundation ( because they give a percentage of registry purchases to a charity of your choice (at no additional cost to you or the gift giver). Bloomingdale's, Amazon, and GAIAM are among the stores that do this, and you can set it up even if you've already created the registry in the store. We were really excited when we learned about the organization.)