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lacy tape

So THIS is fun! Especially for those of you who are planning black and white themed affairs, I thought this new Lacy Tape from Rockett St. George would make a nice addition to favor boxes, just to dress things up a bit. Don't you think?

On a more boring note, we have put a rather large Band-Aid over top of the commenting problem. It should be working just fine now, albeit a little different than you're used to. Note to anyone considering the switch to the New Blogger: Blogger Beware. My comments stopped working all-together the second I switched and we still haven't figured out why.


Mackenzie on 1:17 AM

Comments are working! Yay!
Just click on "Post a comment" below, and comment away.

mo on 6:20 PM

This is tape????I love this. I can think of so many ways to use it.
Fabulous find!!!!

Marty D. on 11:36 PM

I like to leave comments! My voice can be heard! I also like lacy tape.