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mari's new york

A while back, I discovered thru Oh Joy! that there is a BROWNIE STORE. Ya. That's all they sell. Brownies. It's called Mari's New York. But just yesterday I discovered via Outblush that this brownie store also sells gift boxes. Different sorts of brownies all mingling around in a beautiful box, just ripe for the picking? Yes. Please. They even have a gift box especially for Valentine's Day that I'm seriously considering sending to myself, I mean my husband. If you're wondering how this relates to weddings, it doesn't really. BUT! I do have proof that these brownies have been used as wedding favors, which you could also do... if you were awesome.


joy on 9:09 AM

these brownies really are the best thing ever. i know, i've had like 45,786 of them!

mari on 9:35 AM

Thanks for posting! Actually, we are producing a 2 piece box that's due out in about a month. We think it will be perfect for wedding favors. So in a way, this post DOES relate to weddings after all!

Joy on 12:19 PM

Oh my goodness!! My mouth started watering as soon as I saw your post this morning... those are amazing! I will definitely be checking it out - thanks for the heads up!

P.S I love your site and have been telling everyone I know about it - they all love it too! Keep up the great work!! :)