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indigo handloom

I love these incredible shawls for so many reasons. They're gorgeous, first of all. Second, they're handloomed by artisans across South Asia with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. My favorite pieces are made of a naturally golden silk. Naturally! The material is quite rare, and was apparently a state secret of Assam, India for centuries. Called "Muga", it was reserved strictly for royalty, but is now being woven into exquisite shawls for Indigo Handloom. Secrets out! I'm always looking for things that are very special for very special occassions. These really do qualify.


Bee on 2:19 AM

She's in lwl! I've featured her before and met her at the last event. Beautiful stuff!

cruststation on 8:21 AM

I love the green one, it's beautiful.

cruststation on 8:23 AM

I love the grren shawl, the pattern is beautiful.