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I think I've heard it said that the sense of smell is the most nostalgic of all the senses. I'd buy that. One wiff of a rhubarb pie and I'm back at my Meme's house in CT. Just a hint of White Shoulders and I'm 9, back in my Gramma's bedroom. There's a distinct smell in the air in early fall, I think it's a combination of the city finally smelling less like garbage and the dry leaves that are floating around that takes me right back to the moment when my mister proposed.
So why not choose a new smell, a wedding smell, for the big day?
Everytime you get a wiff, you'll be wisked back.
I love the scents offered at Lothantique. They offer a nice mix of really natural smells that aren't over powering. The Green Tea is my favorite, followed closely by the Marine scent, which sounds like it could be gross, but it isn't. Think fresh salt air and grass, not a clambake.