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the boutonniere

One thing that I didn't think about at all AT ALL for my wedding was boutonnieres for the men in my life. It just didn't occur to me.
For everything there is a season, or so they say, and my time to contemplate boutonnieres has come.
My super almost sister-in-law Karen has asked me to take care of the boots (as I now affectionately refer to them). I am in charge of the vegetation the men will be sporting the day of the wedding. Weird concept when you think about it... But I won't think about it too long. Being very creative, someone reasonably color coordinated, and being the person with the largest horde of ribbon I know, I feel as though I'm a good choice for the job.
I like these three options. I'm feeling the first one, with the addition of a bundle of tiny red buds or orange berries? Maybe with a orangy grosgrain ribbon instead of the green? What does everyone think? Her wedding colors are very warm reds and oranges with bits of purple and sprays of grass thrown in.
*these images courtesy of my Summer 2006 copy of "Weddings" by Better Homes and Gardens.


Michele on 12:36 PM

I really like the middle one.