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sad face

My hard drive has moved on to the next life. This would normally not be such a sad state of affairs, however my dubiously inadequate back-up routine was, um, dubiously inadequate. Please learn from me and back it all up now. Your computer is not going to leave you a love note that says "Dear Computer User: This is the last time we will see each other. When you return from out-of-town, I will be long gone. So please back up all important data."
Would have been nice. But alas, no such courtesy.
Luckily, most of my business stuff was backed up so KenzieKate won't be affected. But, my photos, my illustrations... I am sad.


Kathleen on 5:05 PM

That is terrible. I'm so sorry. You are the second person I've heard about that happening to in the past week. I think I'd better spend some time backing up tonight...scary stuff. I hope you are able to recover what you've lost.

joy on 9:16 PM

oh no! i'm so sorry to hear are reminding me that i need to buy an external hard drive.

sorry to hear...sad ;(

lena on 4:04 PM

so sorry mackenzie! the same thing happened to me earlier in the year, and i lost a lot of my work, and a lot of wedding stuff too- including my invitation designs, so sad. i totally feel your pain...