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the proud parents of a flower ball
The happy couple, plus flower baby #1, plus cat, plus clean living room.

aw.... so cute

And then there were three... (after 4 short hours of glue gun slinging).
Time passes...............
And now there are seven! Woah. That was a lot of glue. Karen (the FSIL) and I totally rocked the flower balls today. I have no less than 4 visible blisters from the hot glue. It's tricky stuff. It just kind of wants to touch you, even when you don't want it to. Kind of like that creepy guy who stands too close in the subway... just like him. Only hotter.
Tomorrow will be a piece of cake compared to today, only 2 more balls left. Then we get to hang them in the tent!
*By the way: The living room? No longer clean.


Sarah on 8:57 AM

Wow! I love those! Where did you get the flowers? We were thinking of doing something similar to that with tissue paper flowers (a la Martha Stewart Weddings), but I like yours much better!

MCRBride on 10:49 AM

That looks so cool. I don't think I have the patience at all for doing that though.

Meggie on 3:47 PM

Whoa. Who took Tait's hair?

holly on 1:30 PM

oooooh. how lovely! please tell how you did it!

melissa on 10:27 PM

please please send instructions on how you did that.. i'm so jealous. i'm planning my May wedding at the beach, and those would be perfect and they're in our colors... ah, i'm SO wanting to try that. hopefully they'd turn out HALF as well as yours... please email to



Anonymous on 5:53 PM

i would also love to know how you did these. if you have instructions or a template, could you email them to the flowers are lovely.
thanks and take care! : )

Anonymous on 7:01 PM

Those are so gorgeous! I too would love and appreciate any tips or templates!! Thank you!

MaggieReed on 1:01 PM

I absolutely love love love these. Could you please send me the flower templates? Thank you SO much.

ctweety on 10:51 PM

please please send me the instruction, I so want to use your idea for my wedding and I love your flowers !

ctweety on 10:51 PM

please please send me the instruction, I so want to use your idea for my wedding and I love your flowers !

Cheryl on 9:08 PM

Hi! I just saw this and was wondering if you could send me instructions and or templates that you had used to make the flowers? You did an amazing job and I'm currently trying to make poppy anemone flowers for my hair piece. here's my email:

Thanks in advance. I love your site!

Mackenzie on 9:16 PM

Anyone looking to recreate the pomanders or the flowers can reference this post:

where I talked a bit about how we made them.