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kara janx for bridesmaids

Oh, how I've missed you! I'm so happy to get back to my regular life. I've been battling a "stomach flu". Which by the way, is not pleasant. If someone offers, you do not want one of those.
I found these cute dresses at Kara Janx. I love the long sleeve silk wrap style dresses. The silk skirts could also be a really colorful alternative to matching bridesmaids dresses, if you're feeling spunky. I'm thinking each 'maid in a different color skirt for a summer wedding with a colorful theme. The skirts can also be worn a number of ways as little shorty dresses or what have you. So cute. CUTE! I'm not supposed to be using that adjective anymore. What I meant to say was attractive.
SO ATTRACTIVE. More to come. I've got pent up blogging energy.