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diy vows

Always a sticking point, the vows. Do you write your own? Do you memorize? Do you repeat after me? What are the options, other than "love, honor... obey"?
Usually your officiant can help you decide, but you may want to do a little research on your own. You know, give some serious thought about what you'd like to promise to do for ever and ever.
I found a nice reference here, and especially love the Blessing of the Hands Ceremony. sniff, sniff. Nothing. No. What? I'm not crying. I just got some, uh, finger, I mean I poked myself in the eye with my finger, by accident. Anyway... They also have a nice smattering of different ceremonies and customs performed by other cultures that might be meaningful to you and Hubs Jr. over there.

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look how happy and cute you guys are!!! i love it ;)