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Hi-ho the dairy-o. A trolling we will go:

Make your own chocolate wedding favors! I'm thinking white chocolate, decorated with tiny sugared mint leaves (of course).
Sometimes shoes are boring.
Your wedding should not be one of those times.
These earrings could really shine with a grecian inspired gown.
This would be adorable with that Norwegian wedding pin I posted a few weeks ago! Circa 1880!
Antique ivory against your dark hair! Gasp.
I'm in love with the detailing on the bottom of this dress. Not sure how I feel about the capelet.


h on 11:35 AM

i want those hair combs =)
i found this while i was drooling over the hair combs:

it would be so pretty for wedding favors, or plants, or a cookies...i've been trying for 20 minutes to figure out how i can justify buying it. ^_^ on 3:39 PM

very nice on 9:09 AM

looks nice