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white cake

I always thought plain white cakes were kind of... plain. You know me, I always like a little twist. Over in The Land of Tea and Crumpets they seem to be spicing the old white wonder up a bit. I'm loving both of these cakes, inspired by dressmakers details.
If you've wondered why I'm posting a bunch of stuff from England, I just got a copy of the British edition of Brides magazine. I'm taking a drive on the other side of the road today just to see what there is to see. I'll let you know if anything else strikes me.
left: Maisie Fantaisie Wedding Cakes, where all the cakes are this nice. Even if you don't live in their neighborhood, they're worth a look.
right: Little Venice Cake Company, a posh shop with some inspiring takes on cakes.


joy on 5:11 PM

oh, i love tone on tone! when the white is made into a texture, it is SO pretty. I also love Brides UK!

Twistie on 12:57 PM

Gorgeous cakes. Those are wonderful.