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the anti-rant

Hi all,
On Friday, I had a run in with a bully (or a crook, I can't decide) and today, I had a run in with a very confrontational store owner. Both were rather aggressive and disturbing to me on a very personal level. I was shaken. Really. I wrote a rant right after my encounter this morning, and posted it here. After having written it though, I felt better and saw no reason it should stay up so I took it down. It was a little angry, and angry's not really my vibe.
So here we are, post bullies, post rant, and I feel good. I feel a real appreciation for nice people. So, *raises glass of Crystal Light* to kind, honest, helpful, people everywhere: Rock on.


mo on 3:28 PM

These bullies and buffoons do serve a purpose. They give our lives perspective. Without them we might never appreciate everyone else. Hooray for you. The high road becomes you!

Roger on 8:44 AM

I think you just won the World Cup of grace and professionalism.