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blue and white dishes

I love the blue and white thing. I registered for some gorgeous hexagonal blue and whites for my wedding, (they are, sadly, no longer available). I use them all the time. But there are some really cool new designs out there, not your moma's Blue Willows.
(Just as I'm writing this, I'm thinking that I've seen somewhere recently a feature on just this topic, was it Martha? I feel like it was. I swear this stuff just seeps into my brains, all Opal Mehta style).
Ok so, regardless. Above: I like the Crate and Barrel version, up there in the top corner. The next collection is one I spotted at Nest in Brooklyn, (one of my favorite stores) called Tablestories Dinnerware by Tord Boontje. Last but not least, these "Blue Line" series plates can be found at Pearl River Mart. I have a ton of these plates and I heart them. They go really well with my now unavailable hexagonal blue and whites. I like to mix and match. Hell, it's all blue and white, not a huge leap.

I don't usually go back and add stuff to posts, but I just loved these blue and white plates from Rosanna, (via Design*Sponge) that I had to share.


Twistie on 11:41 AM

There's a reason blue and white china is both traditional and always being re-explored: it looks great. Food looks good against it, the color is cheerful yet dignified, and it's easy to get guys to say yes to blue and white. With one notable exception, every guy I've ever asked about dishes has said they like/want a white plate with a blue stripe around the rim. (shrugs)

Your hexagonal dishes sound fantastic! And I have to say I love how salads look on my navy blue salad plates. Long live blue and white china!

joy on 1:00 PM

i love these..feels so fresh, yet so classic too.