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oh happy, happy day!

A huge thank you to Brides New York Magazine for mentioning KenzieKate in their Fall 2006 edition! What a wonderful way to start the week!
If you want to read the little article above, click on the image and it becomes larger. Well, the article doesn't become larger, but the image of the article does. You know what I mean. Just click on it.


joy on 4:35 PM

CONGRATS! much deserved!

mo on 8:17 PM

WOW! Congratulations! It's about time!!!
You deserve every bit of this praise and publicity. You offer not only exceptional design but customization. I am so amazed how one design can look so unique in a new color combination.The quality of your product is just amazing for the cost. All of your customers have been incredibly happy with their invites, and you work so hard to be sure that each bride and groom are happy...
Here, here... to continud success!

Erica on 6:39 PM

go, Mackenzie! Holla!

Bee on 9:34 AM

woohooo yah mackenzie!!!!!!

Pily @ Cupcake Style on 12:26 PM

Woooow, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
well done

lena on 4:06 PM

that's so great!!