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applewood restaurant

I had the most fantastic meal last night! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday dinner. It was amazing!
I started with a honeydew margarita with just the slightest amount of salt around the rim. It tasted like summer, all ripe and bright green and slightly sweet. I could have had 4, but then I might not have enjoyed the rest of my dinner so well.
Next were fluffy, mild and savory blue cheese dumplings accompanied by ripe figs and bacon crumbles in a hazelnut sauce. It tasted very familiar and unlike anything I've ever tasted at the same time. Salty, sweet, smokey, cheesy, nutty and rich.
The main course was grilled veal (oh, stop!) with tiny perfect mushrooms and roasted red onions in some sort of tangy reduction. I'm unable to describe the taste, it was again so familiar and so different. It made me wish I was wearing tweed, sitting in a lodge with antlers on the walls. It made me want to smoke a pipe. (I swear to God Mom, I've never smoked a pipe in my entire life.)
I'm waxing so nostalgic about last night's dinner that I don't want to eat anything today. I feel that the cereal and turkey sandwiches making up my normal eating routine would be totally disappointing after last night.
Why is all this relavant you ask? Well I'll tell you. Applewood caters! That's right. If you live in the New York area, Chef David Shea and his crew will feed you and your lucky lucky guests whether you're having a wedding, a birthday party, or a bridal shower. Oh, and if you could invite me, that would be great. Please?


mo on 6:46 AM

It sounds like your mister really knows how to treat you on your birthday! I have also eaten at Applewood and everyone at our table raved about their selections as well.
By the way, I loved the birthday picture you posted. I think I have one of them in my album!Summer babies are so lucky to be able to wear bathing suits to their party instead of fussy dresses.