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A few days ago Priya over at Love made Visible posted about Freddy & Ma handbags. I believe Outblush did as well. I'm think I'm just going to jump right on this bandwagon, and sing along!
Anyone who's ever struggled to find just the right bag can see why this company is so amazing! They offer 6 styles, and each style is available in at least a billion different patterns and solids (maybe not exactly a billion). You choose the fabric, the metal for the closure, the leather for the straps, every little detail! Priya suggested that these might make wonderful bridesmaids gifts, which I thought was very astute. I also think they'd make for a fun flash of color in the bride's ensemble at a more casual affair. I whipped up a few options in the "hazel" style handbag, focusing on some of the blue patterns for obvious reasons.
Check it out, play around. It's only a matter of time until you come up with the perfect bag. I'm saving up for a "palo alto pouch" of my every own. I have it all planned out...

*Update* Freddy & Ma offer special bridal services, as mentioned by Pilot Publicity, (thanks for the tip!) in our comments section. View the comment and link to a detailed description of their bridal and bridesmaid's offerings.


Pilot Publicity on 12:19 PM

take a look at Freddy&Ma's Wedding Offerings.

joy on 5:24 PM

i know, these are fab. what a great concept and so so perfect for bridesmaids gifts. i love the blue ones you picked up top...a great mix and match look for a wedding party!