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neat cake

One thing I can't, CAN NOT abide by is a messy looking cake. You think its pretty from afar. You say to yourself, "Oooo, pretty!". But upon stepping closer to examine the details you can see little whatsits. No thanks. No whatsits for me today.
I'm surprised that I'm drawn to these particular cakes. They are, in the words of the blogging world "adorbs" and I'm not usually into adorbs.
However, these are so neat and tidy and perfect I cannot resist. Adorned just to a point of looking tasty, and remaining tastful. I cannot and will not resist posting about them.
"Them" are all from Jacque's Pastries in Suncook, New Hampshire. I suggest you visit their website for some more inspiration.


Twistie on 10:02 AM

These are gorgeous! I love how the one bottom right looks just like a piece of antique Wedgewood china.