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Recently, I've been in bathing suit mode... avoiding sweets and such. A note to those of you doing the same: Look away, avert your eyes.
After browsing page after page of cakes over at CakeWork, (it's now 11:05 am) I want nothing more than a big piece of cake. Don't skimp on the frosting. Actually, I could take or leave the cake, I just want the frosting. And I want one of those little tiny cakes over at oh joy! while we're at it.
The ever so tempting CakeWork is in San Francisco and the designer's specialty is cakes wrapped in white chocolate, rather than buttercream or fondant. I think it's gorgeous, not to mention highly vexing to those of us trying to foray into the dangerous world of bikinis.


joy on 11:30 AM

oh yum! i love how they look like they are wrapped in really large grosgrain ribbon!
i know what you mean about bathing suit season..i am prepping for the wedding..and it's so hard when you're the type of person who just really likes to eat...;)

Twistie on 11:50 AM

Who needs bikinis when there are cakes like this in the world? LOL!

Mine wouldn't be as pretty, but these make me long to break out the Kitchenaid and make something that tastes incredible.