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just one piece

I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of one-piece bathing suits. I have literal worn a two-piece bathing suit 2 times in my whole life. It's not that I'm that self-conscious, it's just that I feel so naked in a bikini. It's like I'm in my undies! In public! Horrors! I'm a total prude at heart.
J. Crew has some great (and flattering I might add) options for all you like minded tummy-hiders out there. Not overly expensive, and they look like you could actually swim in them! Such a novel idea. I am in love with the gray retro sheath. If I were going on a honeymoon anytime soon, I would totally get that one and wear it with these.


Giggles on 7:03 PM

I love a good one-piece. They're so much sexier than bikinis because of the mystery. And they can do so much more with the lines. These are beautiful.

Sticky Penguin on 8:13 PM

The silvery-grey one is my favourite, too. II'm normally a bikini girl, but this just looks so elegant and classic. Very Grace Kelly...

The Memory Journalists on 7:50 PM

I'm a two-piece girl but I love these one pieces too. JCrew swimsuits are made so well and they're just gorgeous. Sooo many colors to choose from.

Melanie on 5:35 PM

the grey one is sooo cute!

Looking for Slimmin Swimwear on 2:55 PM

I adore these! The rusching is so pretty and I love the flattering leg cut.

The colors are gorgeous, I would feel like an absolute DIVA in one of these one pieces. They are definitely sexier than letting it all hang out (in my case literally) in a bikini