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excuses + I missed you.

Since April of 2006 I have been blogging everyday or every other day, but, (as you know) these last two weeks I've been completely and totally absent - with no explanation whatsoever. You must all think I've been flattened by a bus! Turns out, nope. I am not flat, but indeed as 3 dimensional as ever. I'm alive and well, and I have no dramatic reason for my absence. I just needed a break. Does that make sense? I was feeling burnt out, needed a little concentrated time to explore some new directions for Kenzie Kate (wait until you see!), needed some time to snuggle with my little guy, needed to recooperate and regrouperate... excuses, excuses.
The good news is, I'm feeling refreshed and I will be returning to you on a far more regular basis. On that note, I want to reach out to you and ask you for your input. Have you worked with an amazing vendor? Found a hidden resource? Discovered a money saving idea? Started a fantastic new company of your very own? I want to hear about it. I can troll the web, scour the earth, and consult my secret sources, but nothing can compare to your ground floor experience. I want to hear from you!


Elena (Tickled Pink Knits) on 10:01 AM

Sometimes you just need a break, I completely understand! :)
Glad to hear you are well, and I look forward to many lovely posts from you!

KSTrillian on 12:29 PM

Must confess I HAD wondered where you went, but then I chalked it up to new mommy exhaustion and you would come back when you were able! your readers love you and understand :)

Snowdog: Idéias em tecido on 8:40 PM

Missed you soooo much but of course my dear... Everyone should have a break sometimes....Welcome back... And... I haven't started a new company but I've been thinking about it... But I must confess it's something veeeery difficult... the start is difficult! First, I decided to post my crafts on a blog... Let's see... Luv, Cláudia

Laura on 8:48 PM

I figured you were busy with the baby...and everything else. (Turned out you were!)

My husband and I got married in Chicago, and amazing products and vendors for us were Bittersweet Bakery, Erica Koesler (I had a wedding hat), and Continuum Photography.

claire on 12:10 AM

We all need to take a break sometimes. Otherwise it is just not fun anymore.

brooke @ claremont road on 12:28 PM

Welcome back! I hear you on needing a break... sometimes, no matter how much I love what I get out of blogging, I just need to step away for a few days.

I actually DID start my own company recently, with a few colleagues! We are a full-service design studio offering print and web services. Check out and let us know what you think :) In the next month or so, we'll also be launching a letterpress invitation line, which is my "baby" -- it's something that you inspired me to do when we corresponded a little while ago! So, thank you :)

Kim @ Inspired Goodness on 2:16 PM

So glad to see you're back! We all need a very much needed break sometimes. Hope yours was inspiring and filled with some relaxation.

Looking forward to seeing some new KK designs soon!

And P.S. Amazing vendor alert - do you know Inspired Goodness??

Kaylen on 9:34 PM

Yay! So happy you're back :)

Since then, my fiance and I had our engagement pictures taken. I do not know where you are located, but Ryan Gladstone is our photographer and he is/was AMAZING. I highly suggest you check him out at (as of right now, our e-session is the first thing on his page).

He's great! Yay marriage! And yay for you being back :)