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What a fun idea! I got a piece of shard jewelry from the hubs for Mother's Day and I love it. It would be fantastic to make a set of matching necklaces for bridesmaids or sisters of a beautiful thrifted plate, or an orphaned piece of Grandma's china. Chic and sentimental, my favorite! From The Broken Plate.


Album Boutique Team on 11:34 AM

What a great idea!! I love the sentimental value and uniqueness of it. Thanks for sharing :)

Evita on 1:05 PM

These are so cool and I love the styling of the photos!

We found an artist at the Charleston Farmers Market doing something similar with locally found pottery. We have some stored (of course we can't find it!) that he said he'd be more than happy to create something out of them.

F @ on 2:02 PM

What a great idea! a perfect gift for mothers, bridesmaids or even the groom!

style-for-style on 4:13 PM

wow these are awesome, and could be an easy DIY project

Pittsburgh Perambulations on 7:50 PM

Wow that is a really unique idea! I've never seen anything like it before. It's so intriguing, how could one not love it?

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers on 1:55 AM

Great, Its Amazing Idea, Thank You very much on 1:16 PM

Such a great idea! Love how unique it is!

Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B on 12:21 PM

I love this ! how cute :-)

suzanne antique on 6:12 AM

I loved that idea... very nice!

Erin on 8:13 AM

This is so cool! Absolutely love it, thanks for the post. I will be sure to refer friends to it.

juliet on 7:51 AM

thanks for the shout out!!!