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experimanicure, done.

Done! I got my fancy manicure! It was really very much like any other manicure, only in the end my nails were instantly dry. They have a shiny wet look to them, but are completely bulletproof. I was able to dig around in my purse right after with no damage whatsoever. The product I tried was called CND Shellac, which uses a thin base coat, polish and then a thin top coat that are all cured under UV light. The results are not thick and lumpy like a lot of acrylics or other gels, and they are said to last at least 14 days. At $30-35, it's more expensive than a regular manicure, but if it really does last, it seems sort of worth it. The only minor complaints I have is that you have to go back to the salon to have it soaked off. Normal nail polish remover will not do the trick. And they have only 12 colors, most of which are on the boring side. I chose a coral color called "Tropics" because I was feeling summery, but they do have some lighter shades that could be very bridal. I think the best thing about it would be that you could get your manicure several days before the wedding, rather than the morning of, and not worry about it looking dull or chipped, then off you go to your honeymoon with no touch-ups or anything. I will keep you posted at the 14 day mark to let you know if I am still without chips. I have high hopes, so far I am quite happy with it. It really does look nice.


claire on 12:07 AM

It looks great. And what a great way to have a manicure before you big day and not have to wait to the day before and then worry about chips.

Natasha Baker Williams on 7:40 AM

Thanks for this post. I'm getting married next Thursday and I need to get a manicure that lasts! I'm going to search around for a salon that does this manicure!!!

Jessica on 3:40 PM

Looks so funky and springy. Love it, thanks for the info. xo

Marian on 5:01 PM

Loving it!! They look perfect

louis vuitton replica handbags on 5:39 AM

this is very nice! i am also attending on party for tonight, what a great manicure! i love the red one.

antique love on 5:45 AM

great post.....will show my wife!

Taylor on 8:37 AM

Looks great! Def let us know, this may be a MUST!!! Less than a month left for me! :)

"My colors are Blush and Bashful" -Steel Magnolias on 10:43 AM

i always get glitter nails, but when i went into my salon they had just gotten this nail polish in and they all swear by it! and it last FOREVER!! very cute color!