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gifts for the girls

What a great idea for bridesmaid's gifts! These adorable little cosmetic bags by Juju Baju would be so fun to fill with little beauty treasures.
Had I about $100 to spend on each girl, I would include a Mac Shadestick in a different shade for each of my ladies, a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, (because everyone needs one), a bottle of relatively environmentally friendly Sephora Nail Color by OPI (my favorites are Caliente Coral, On Stage, Bare To Be Different, and Metro Chic), a wand of L'oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara (as a girl with dainty lashes, I think the 'tubes are perhaps my most favorite mascara), and last but not least, a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker in Dr. Pepper (because that was my favorite when I was 9).


Lauren on 10:24 AM

That's so cute!!

Unknown on 10:46 AM

love those bags!

Kim @
party inspiration

hizzybee on 11:16 AM

Beauty Tubes!

Brooklyn on 12:59 PM

just wanted to let you know that i dig your blog. so thanks! and welcome back.

Unknown on 7:48 AM

Love the bags. Love your blog!

Unknown on 7:51 PM

These are REALLY sweet!