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I've decided that I want to cage dive with Great White sharks. I know what you are thinking in regards to my sanity, and you might be right. I'm still doing it.
I want an adventure! A wild story to tell my son! An adrenaline rush of a lifetime!
Unfortunately, these sorts of adventures are not free. My Mom has about 18-24 months to talk me out of it while I save up.
Anyone out there ever done this? Dare I ask if anyone is doing something like this on their honeymoon? Adventurers? Adrenaline junkies? Anyone?
Image by Lee Micheals, via San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions.


mom on 3:24 PM

Why don't you try dolphins, instead? You don't need the cage.

Mackenzie on 4:25 PM

I don't think the Dolphin Encounter at Sea World qualifies as "an adrenaline rush of a lifetime", MOM.

jessica on 4:34 PM

i completely understand the desire to do this. i have this fascination with sharks, and i want to do this as well. i say go for it, i have no advice or anything but please keep us updated!

Brando on 5:14 PM

It's on my bucket list!!! And next time we go somewhere where the water is warm & sharks are available -- I'm doing it!!! At the La Jolla Aquarium they have one of the actual cages that you can go it. Those cages are ROCK SOLID, it's all good!

HLM on 7:45 PM

My fiance and I did this in South Africa. At first I said I would just watch from the boat--seeing the sharks from there was enough from me, but once we got out there I jumped in. It was incredible.

Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea on 8:24 PM

i wanna do it too!

hizzybee on 2:20 AM

let's go on an ART retreat! You could make a ceramic shark.

home wall art on 7:58 AM

Great adventure!I also want to experience that exciting event,the feeling of being nervous but have a great satisfaction when you conquer your fear.

Anonymous on 8:00 AM

Wow, you're brave! My OH has done the one where you go into the tank with sharks at the aquarium. I was nervous enough for him then!

Deirdre Gill on 8:31 AM

I thought you were terrified of sharks? what if you have a heart attack while you are in the cage? I'm on your mom's side. Stick with dolphins or at least sharks with smaller teeth.

Mackenzie on 9:38 AM

I am totally terrified of sharks... It's really all about scaring the pants off myself and living to tell the tale.

Anonymous on 11:11 AM

You are definitely not alone! My fiance and I are planning on diving with great white sharks on our honeymoon in South Africa! I have been obsessed with sharks since I was a little kid and it's something we've both always wanted to do so what better time?! Go for it!!

Unknown on 2:45 PM

The craziest thing I did on my honeymoon was going ziplining. Which, considering they probably don't have US-style safety standards on St Lucia, was kinda dangerous. But it was fuuuuun. I went first, and when my husband reached the first platform, he said, "I'm Batman!" Totally worth the danger.

Swimming with sharks? Not worth the danger, IMHO. But then I've never recovered from seeing Jaws in the theater at age eight. When I got home, my mom said I was gray.

The Memory Journalists on 12:20 PM

My husband wants to do this too. We were looking into the Faralons in the bay area but going to check this out too. I'd love to be the one taking the underwater shots but don't think I'm brave enough. I say, you go! What an adventure!

aaron and misha on 6:06 PM

while i understand why this sounds like a good idea, its really dangerous and is just asking for more shark attacks on humans...really, who thinks that baiting sharks with humans in a cage with some raw meat is really a good idea with no unintended consequences? if you want to see sharks in the water, get scuba certified. they are amazing creatures and deserve respect.

Judith S Anderson on 12:34 PM

If you want a thrill, jump out of an airplane, or bungee off a bridge, don't involve an INNOCENT animal. If you're not honorable enough to kill and eat the shark, abusing it for your own amusement and "rush" is as bad as bear-baiting in the past. At least with bear-baiting there was the excuse of no other entertainment. You should be terribly ashamed of yourself as a wedding "guider" to promote hurting animals.

Mackenzie on 7:20 AM

Hey Judith,

I would never, never be involved in an activity at involved hurting a shark. I am fascinated by these amazing animals and would be repulsed if they were hurt in any way. It's my understanding that the cage diving outfit in San Diego that I linked to allows you to look (and only look) at the sharks. The dive site is at a location on the shark's natural migratory route, and divers are lowered into the water to watch the sharks eat the tuna that are naturally abundant in that area. No one touches the sharks, and certainly no one kills them.
I would be terribly ashamed if these animals were hurt during this activity, but I really don't believe that they are.

Anna Airport on 2:04 AM

Most people won't get the chance to knowingly walk into a safe but terrifying situation quite like that, so if you have the means, I say do it! :) And when you come back, definitely post pictures. Preferably close-ups.... hungry close-ups. ;)

P.S. Just found your blog through "get married" magazine, and I love it! :)

violarulz/ducksandbooks on 6:48 PM

I want to go up in a hot air balloon, it may not sound as exciting as diving with sharks, but I've never done it before and it sounds cool to me!

georginakate on 10:29 PM

I agree with Judith. Make sure before you book to ask whether they use chumming or baiting. You dont want to be taunting wildlife nor would you want to be swimming under 30 cm of blood. Otherwise I dont see the problem. If YOU want to do it. DO IT!