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I have been boring the pants off myself lately with a wardrobe of white, gray, black and denim... snooze. These lovelies from Anthropologie would be just the ticket to liven things up for summer. Dell, if you are reading this, the orange bracelet has "birthday present" written all over it. Just sayin'.
I'm out until Monday, have a great weekend everyone!


Lara on 11:55 AM

i have that color block necklace in coral and i am ob-sessed! great picks : )

Sherin on 10:57 AM

I love this jewelry. I'm totally running out to get the last one. I'm ready for a bit of a pick me up in my all black and grey wardrobe too!

thomas the train on 10:27 PM

Ordering this for my finacee right now.

Dynamite Weddings on 4:32 PM

Awesome for a Beach Wedding or Summer day =)