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lo boheme

The hair accessories at Lo Boheme are some of my all time favorites. Somehow they manage to be classic and modern at the same time. And check out those photos! Such amazing light!


Genevieve on 4:11 PM

definitely checking them out! thanks!

Ms. Wedding Crasher on 4:25 PM

Love the veil! So gorgeous!

April on 1:23 AM

Her hairpiece is quite adorable.It goes with her lovely dress and beautiful hair!

Amberdawn on 5:01 PM

I like the hair piece. I've been thinking about feathers for my wedding. Though I know my mom would hate it (she hates all things feathered) she'd get over it I'm sure :D She's always supportive.

veronica @ myhandsmadeit on 2:41 PM

Oh. YES. I love that birdcage on the left. Awesome.

Kaylen on 9:45 PM

Oooooh pretty!! Heading over there now :)

lovelygowns on 12:19 AM

Wow!!! what a nice hair accessories collection, will definitely go with my bridal gowns collection.

Sarah Wedding on 11:01 PM

I adore these beautiful headpieces! Modern bridal trends are exploding with these! I love feathers for a daring look, there are so many beautiful options!

joseph blaufelt on 5:19 AM

Alos love the veil.. gorgeous!

dresses on 1:46 AM

I like her hair style.pretty girl with lace wedding dress..wonderful. on 12:00 PM

Love both of these! Thx for sharing!

Soiree Savvy on 12:03 AM

Hey! I love reading your blog so much, I even link to you guys. Thanks for the posts!

Soiree Savvy

Dynamite Weddings on 5:29 PM

Love the hairpieces and styles!

Emily on 7:04 PM

Love the hairpieces. Definitely worth checking out. I really like the hair piece with the feathers.

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding on 10:21 AM

Oh how pretty !!!
Thanks for sharing.


TenThouBride on 6:32 PM

I love these! Thanks for sharing...I love the feather fascinator most of all...good find!

wedding napkins on 9:09 PM

Does it really have to be called birdcage? Anyway, it really is gorgeous and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

PaperHeart on 8:04 AM

Oh I'm loooving that hair piece!! I WANT IT!

Kyle Lynn on 12:58 PM

I am loving the bird cage look, it's all the rage now.

the joielala girls on 10:16 PM

gorgeous! And you're right about that light...fantastic

Beane and Company on 9:14 AM

Wow! Wow! Wow! These are beautiful! I love the vintage feel.

Green and Bloom Flowers on 3:28 AM

These head pieces are stunning with vintage style.

liu on 12:20 AM

I think the pictures are very beautiful.