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henderson dry goods

These remind me of my long lost favorite earrings. I might just be ready to move on... From Henderson Dry Goods.


natalie on 1:20 PM

beautiful - and the hand mirrors are fairy tale worthy

style-for-style on 4:28 PM

wow these are really lovely.

Jessica on 4:57 PM

Stunning. Love your blog. Your unique designs and unbelievable styles are a joy. We strive hard as well to provide wedding tips and ideas. Glad to find another great wedding blog idea bursting with ideas!

Dynamite Weddings on 12:56 PM

Gorgeous! What intricate pieces!

Samantha on 5:44 PM


swanriverstone on 7:49 PM

ooo..those are sooo pretty and earthy..There are so eco-conscious without trying to be! Great blog!