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feeling felty

I came across a very inexpensive source of felt recently in loads of different colors (if you are in the Providence area, Lorraine Fabrics in Pawtucket has huge bolts of felt on sale in their Bargain Loft for $2 a yard- sorry, no online shop). I'm dying to find something to do with my new stash, and my sister put into my head to make a wreath. I have come across some fabulous projects in my search that might be interesting to all you crafty brides out there. Links to the tutorials are below:
Mum wreath - not originally designed for felt... but you could totally do it.
Felt Flower Wreath - So cute!
Winter Wedding Wreath - involves some additional material, but beautiful nonetheless.
Felt Ruffle Wreath - I love this one, it's so beautiful in white.


Heidi on 1:26 PM

I can't believer that first one is felt. It looks so real (and beautiful).

things are better with a parrott on 1:38 PM

I love the top right one! Lorraine Fabrics is the best! I live a mile or so away and go whenever I can.

Anonymous on 11:33 PM

Pretty wreaths! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous on 12:18 PM

Heading to Lorraine's this weekend. I can definitely do something with these for my October wedding. Thanks!