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felted wreath

We got married in a very unassuming spot where you might not expect there to be a wedding, and we needed a way to direct guests to the door -"WEDDING! THIS WAY!"- without actually putting a sign on the door. Our solution was to ask our florist to make us a big wreath from our wedding flowers. I thought it looked great, but it wasn't cheap! This DIY wreath from Pickles would have been even more awesome, and I could have totally done it myself for way less! They have billed it as a Christmas wreath, but I could see it working year round, and you could even use your wedding colors to personalize it a bit. Wouldn't it look great in yellow and white on the door of a church? In fact, I think I'm going to do a black and white one for over our mantle, just for kicks.
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Pencils on 10:24 AM

Instead of a floral wreath, I had someone make our first initials in moss with silk flowers. I had seen that idea in Martha Stewart's Weddings and on several wedding blogs and thought it looked great. When we got to the country club, we found that they wouldn't let us hang them on the doors! Oops. Probably should have asked first. They ended up on the mantelpiece in the main room, right by the dance floor, so they're in a lot of the pictures anyway.