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Goodbye 2009

Goodbye 2009! You were so good, and so crappy all at the same time. You were a beautiful party with the constant threat of a downpour. You brought me my son, and the whole new world that comes with him, BUT you were emotionally challenging to say the least, and you were a little B*#^@ financially. I'm a stronger person for having experienced you.
But 2010?! In 2010 we will party without the fear of rain diluting our bubbles. We are all ready. Bring it.

Apropo image from Timeless Paper.


Becks on 9:32 PM

Can I just say amen? Amen amen amen amen!!!!!!!!!!

Poppy on 5:51 PM

I love this post. It made me all smiley and hopeful for the future. Thanks! ^_^