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so sweet

Ooooo. Rosanna has introduced a bunch of new serving pieces that would be just perfect for weddings. I love, love, love the compotes and cake stands and would make them part of my dessert table any day of the week! So jealous that Amy of Sweet Designs has one to give away!

Confession: if I had one, I would keep it!


Gina on 1:15 PM

These are great for weddings! I didn't realize the pic on the bottom left is three separate bowls stacked until I visited her website. Lovely!

Anonymous on 7:24 PM

I like the first one.

human resources training on 4:42 AM

The food looks so sweet and delicious. I love the food rack. The presentation is beautiful.

online tutor jobs on 4:42 AM

Oh! This is a beautiful food holder. I’d like to have 2 more in my kitchen.