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twiggy tweasures

I got a delightful email from the nice folks at Bittersweets, and wanted to share their amazing work. I absolutely love their new twig rings! The marquise cut diamond twig is my favorite!


Abbie on 1:38 PM

Oh my goodness!! I'm loving these.

Olivia on 1:57 PM

Those are so pretty! I checked them out, cute stuff!

lauren on 6:45 PM


Florida Beach Weddings on 2:41 AM

Nice Rings.. i love the second one most...

Natalie on 11:23 PM

These are the prettiest rings I've ever seen...ever! Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous on 1:36 AM

I am in love with gemstone engagement rings! I recieved a custom made, nearly 6 ct. radiant cut glacier blue aquamarine on a three shank band littered with D VS diamonds from Colors & Carats and it is to die for! People ooh & aah over it all of the time and I can't imagine ever looking down at something colorless and small. It's about time America catches up to the Europeans with engagement styles!