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fresh for '10!

Once a year I get to design new invitations for Kenzie Kate. It is by far my favorite time of year because I can dig thru my inspiration files and go crazy with fonts and patterns. This year I managed to complete three new invites that I'm really proud of. So please pardon me while I toot my own horn a little and share a little of my design work with you!

The St. Augustine is all hand drawn, each flower and pine cone started out as a doodle in my sketchbook. I scanned everything in and created a repeating pattern for the folder and used bits and pieces of the pattern for each individual piece of the set. I love this set for outdoor weddings. It's romantic and quirky and cheerful all at the same time and I love that it takes on a totally different feel in different color schemes (check out the "More Colors" button at the bottom of this page).

The Miami has been on the drawing board for two years now. I wanted to create a sleek, retro-inspired invite that looked like something out of Dean Martin's scrapbook but would still be modern enough to incorporate the great colors and extra enclosures that come with a modern wedding. I had the pattern made, but the perfect script font evaded me until this year, but now that I've found it I'm so glad I waited.

The Copenhagen is one of those designs that just came very easily. I believe they call it "flow". The pattern, colors, and bird drawings sort of fell into place really neatly one day. This one looks great in a million different color schemes and fills a casual, folksy niche without being too "country kitchen". I love the combination of the big bold bird drawings with the small scale pattern on the folder. I also really dig that it's got a different lovebird on each piece of the set. Very romantic.

I hope you like them!


adrianne on 1:21 PM

My favorite is the Copenhagen, and not just because my name is Adrianne. =) Great design!

Angie on 3:49 PM

Stunning! You know, I ordered my wedding invitations from you about two years ago, and I still think they're the most beautiful invitations in existence. If I had to do it all over again, I think I'd choose the exact same style, but the new Copenhagen style is my second choice :)

Darci on 3:50 PM

As usual, these are lovely! I adore the pattern on the Miami

Deirdre Gill on 5:08 PM

So pretty!!!

The Snapdragon Inn on 5:29 PM

These are really really really really cool. Well done you!

Pam on 10:37 PM

Lovely as always! You are such a talented, talented lady! Bravo!

Emily on 2:00 AM

They're all great, but you're right, the Copenhagen just 'works' in every way...I wish it was socially acceptable, and affordable, to have multiple weddings (to the same lovely man) just so I could use up all the different beautiful inspirations that are out there!

Lauren on 10:03 AM

LOVE these!!!

RedRedOrange on 10:43 AM

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the hand drawn patterns the best, and the colors are amazing per usual. Congratulations!

mo on 6:59 PM

These are amazing!!! How do you do it? I love them all.

mem on 7:07 PM

I saw these on the first day andloved them. How smart you are! The Copenhagen is my favorite. The Miami is sleek and rich and the St. Augustine reminds me of the southern grace.

UrDreamPlanner on 11:15 PM

These are beautiful, the first set is my favorite! Wonderful job!!

Anonymous on 9:54 PM

Wow, I love the kelly green and navy blue combo! Great design.

Sara Bradshaw on 2:04 AM

Hi There,
Thought I would share with you photos of my wedding three years ago (today). We eloped!

Kelley at My Island Wedding on 8:14 PM

so different! just love them!

Unknown on 10:07 AM